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5722 S 108th st
Hales Corners


Landscapes of Man and Portraits of Nature. Photographs of beauty that surrounds, all the time.


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All Keen-Eye Photographs are shot in naturally lit environments without major digital enhancements.

More than three minutes on an image in Photoshop is almost always way too long.

2014 - Julian Kegel Photography -2014-

Julian Kegel

A Photography Collection of Milwaukee  -2014-  A Year in Review

Milwaukee is a great city to photograph. It's always dealing with changing seasons and the weather never sticks around for too long, the lake always seems to screw with the predictions. And in the best Midwestern accents, it's often the talk of the town.

I'm always grateful to stumble upon spots in our fair city with great natural lighting. As we wane into spring already, we'll get more of it every day! I wanted to share how beautifully Milwaukee dealt with sun last year.       

-2014- Here's to a year in review.