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5722 S 108th st
Hales Corners


Landscapes of Man and Portraits of Nature. Photographs of beauty that surrounds, all the time.


Trees Of MKE

There's a lot of talk out there about the dismantling of the DNR. Whether or not you agree with the project to privatize our public lands, one thing should be for sure: the existence of nature within the urban realm is critically connected to quality of life in today's day and age. Without labeling myself a millennial,  I grew up watching my brother build computers from the ground up. Although not a geeky as the tv show portray, we grew up in a day and age where there was time before the internet, When backyard football meant using the school phone book to dial up your friends. A time where the chat rooms were for the early adapters, who realized the world wide web opened their eyes for the first time to people in different culteres around the world. It's only now that we realize that google earth lets us remember that understanding another land is only a zoom-in away. It's great and horrible at the same time. On one hand, we can clearly see that ecosystems span far beyond the borderwalls of government, and that pollution and environmental degredation doesnt need to be a flight to a fragile rainforest. We can see it anytime we want on a screen. on the other hand, that screen has nothing to do with the feeling of being in a different place. it doesn't allow you to meet all the people that are different than you on your way to get there.  This technology at first was eye opening to the world outside your bedroom, now its showing us that leaving our bedrooms might be the scariest thing we've never been prepared for. The people who can deal with either situation or the balance of the two, can see that our modern computres the size of a phone, can be a tool for good and evil. these images and stories of Beauty can be revolting or inspiring depending on how well you understand that technology can be addicting while also liberating.   The point is that you can be stubborn about choosing to view the world through the lens of beauty, or one of "eh". Just because you have seen much more beautiful sights, doesn't mean they can't exist in your own environment. We're so torn between the exotic culture of travel, yet yet to see our everyday lives through the eyes of a traveler. Every time i take my camera with me, which seems to be less and less now that i take the same routine everyday.