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5722 S 108th st
Hales Corners


Landscapes of Man and Portraits of Nature. Photographs of beauty that surrounds, all the time.


Nankoweep View of Colorado River.jpg

The Philosophy

Shoot Raw
Bring your camera.
Accept adventure opportunities. 
Stop to capture when you see the right light. 
Use something in the local environment to use as your tripod. 

Let noon convince you there is nothing to shoot. 
Believe I-phone's can't make great images.
Take a shot from just one perspective
Add or delete parts of the photo
Delete in camera
Use a zoom

To me, photography is all about being in the right place at the right time. In those captured moment of time, we can blend the human experience with the unaltered scenery around us. I love developing images when the right elements come together to inspire the imagination and remind us how beautiful this world can be.



More than just great photography. it's a vision of our world. 

Ice Caves off the coast of Bayfield WI make for some of the most beautiful settings to fat bike. 

Our planet:

On the way back from Hawaii - Sunset over the Pacific Ocean at 41,000 ft. 

Beautiful and Vibrant

Torch Lake Michigan blanketed by a layer of fog while the leaves above the lake burn in anticipation of Winter. 

Full of life, structure and billions of unique perspectives

A man solemnly stares into water desperately wandering its way to the ocean. Oregon Coast.

Always in motion, speaking wonders at any time.

A lonely tower of ice awaits it's inevitable disappearance. Seward Alaska. Bear Glacier Lagoon 

If we listen

Rain falls onto Exit Glacier while Ryan Fisher, owner of Exit Glacier Guides, looks out towards a valley floor once filled with Ice. Seward Alaska.

We learn to appreciate the humble power of nature.

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most magnificent waterfalls in North America. Lewis River Falls, Washington.

Immersed in the churning, we become aware of our scale.

Adam Horbinski is Humboldt by Giant Redwoods off the coast of California. Northern Coast. 

  one that exists in a precious balance unique to the human experience.

Life exists despite man, and when we choose, alongside man. 

only visible When we compare ourselves to the natural order.

A frigid February sunset paints the Milwaukee Art Museum into it's own artwork. 

it's the Beauty that can be seen everywhere and in everything.

Massive cliffs guard the Big Islands north coast. Waipio Valley in the distance. Big Island HI.

when we're all part of one beautiful and fragile system

A midnight sunset blankets Exit Glacier in pastel hues. Near Seward AK.

A Place called home

City living in Chicago Illinios looks something more like the a shipping yard than a place to call home. Chicago IL. 

Julian Kegel - [Keen-Eye] Photography.

Cerulean peaks jut out from a silent sea. The Alaskan shores off the Gulf Of Alaska are home to some of the largest wildlife migrations in the world. Seward AK.

Vibrant Canvas Photography, Hand made for Your Wall.

Vibrant and rich colors printed on premium artists canvas hand stretched by Julian Kegel. Real photograph of printed work. 48" x 72"