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5722 S 108th st
Hales Corners


Landscapes of Man and Portraits of Nature. Photographs of beauty that surrounds, all the time.



Alberto Mercedes

Sneak Peak at the behind the scenes photos that it takes to tell the story in one photo. A trip through the keen eye of Julian Kegel. One of the best developements in photography is the memory card. Yes, camera's have delete buttons but the real hero is storage. With 64 gb of data, almost any project can be photographed in it's full length. Sure, i've had to resort to more data for some of my adventures, but on a normal shoot, i can go through a couple thousand photos to come home with. As battery life suffers ever time you look at the lcd screen, the real trick is to train the eye through one vantage point. Aka Prime Lenses. the more your eye goes through the fixed lens, the better your eye gets at seeing the edges of your composting and framing. Later rather than sooner, your eye will begin to see the shot before you ever bring your eye to your camera. And, if you shoot enough, you'll learn that some of the best perspectives are ways in holding the camera that are logistally impossible without more time. We all know things happen fast these days and ive noticed that one of my most solid 5 star shooting techniques relies on bringing the camera to a unique vantage point by sticking your arm, and camera out past where you can see through the viewfinder and actually envisioning what the lens will capture when held at that position.