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5722 S 108th st
Hales Corners


Landscapes of Man and Portraits of Nature. Photographs of beauty that surrounds, all the time.



“You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.” 
― Henry Ford

Stephanie and Julian Kegel


We met and fell in love as guides in Alaska in 2010.

– Artist Statement

My photographs are a recorded image of discovery: an illustration of my story, as captured moment in time. Using a keen eye for natural lighting, I like subjects that can simplify the complexity of the world around me. While every photo can reminds us of one short moment, beauty can be found anywhere around us, we just have to take the time to look for it.

Photography has changed my perception of the world. My eyes, continually drawn to the ever changing light. My perspective is now constructed of depths, layers and dimensions. In the pursuit of adventure, I find myself hanging off cliffs, swimming amongst canyons, trudging in the rain all in hope of capturing something unique and beautiful. 

– Artist Bio

Julian’s keen eye for beauty was cultured during his elementary years at University School of Milwaukee, then cemented by photo projects in the dark room at Homestead High School. His early portfolio shows a clear love for the contrast of light and the transition of colors in vibrant skies. Although in the beginning there were a lot more chalk drawings than photographs, by the time he turned 23, photography was dominating his efforts in which to express a romanticism of light. Over the last decade, he and his wife, Stephanie, have spent hundreds of hours exploring the back-country of the western states, camera in tow, capturing moments that seldom are recorded any place other than memory.  Using the skills honed by years behind the lens, he and his wife, continue to capture images while they live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



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Sincerely, Julian Kegel